Really put my foot in it!

Hi this is tsunamidave ( ob1mcbave) after coming back from India n Nepal on the cheap. Cockroachs bed bugs, 36 hour bus trip. Like ridding on a shopping trolley tied to the back of a drunk driver that has just stolen a bin wagon and decided after taking a large quantity of majic mushrooms has had a calling to drive to the middle of a remote forest and become a tree..Jedi night ob1mcbave is back on the planet Chester……
In a galaxy far far away….Jedi knight ob1mcdave is living on the floor in a spair room,  which is about as cumfey as being stabbed in my sleep with a bread knife by a wild angry hatton road girl who has lost her beer money,  commuting down off a 3 day bender, and found out you have just slept with her sister. So In the travel agency got a flight to turkey very cheap, less than what other people spend on a night out! So got a new bike to take ( the bomb) however topical me, I started somethin and now I’m not to shore! Yes on the day of the flight, tripped on a step, in hospital, 15 mins to pack, somehow I’m going, with a foot the size of a small council estate, about a mobile as a drunk tramp after being crushed by a Hatton road bin wagon when it’s just picked up the round after Christmas! So I’m at check-in at airport in a wheel chair, no letter saying u can flight sorry sir! So I used my Jedi mind trick, these are not the droids you are looking for. Well off me head On painkillers I stood up on the foot in question and said I’m as fit as a Hatton road milkman being chaced for overcharging! So wheel chair he there all way to hotel. Now in turkey no bike, can’t walk, little money, who gives a smeg!
To be continued……


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