Forest to Cave…

In a galaxy far, far away……………
OB1McDave traveling far & wide, in a world of kerbabs & curly shoes, in a time of ramadan, beer & fags are hard to come by in the day!

Well I limped here and there, can sort of walk now about as well as a drunk man with wild dog strapped to his leg, that hasn’t been fed for a week put on steroids and is stoned so has the munchies.I decided to leave hotel, however last night I was forced to drink, vodka, terqueala, sambooka, wine, beer, cocktails, and other stuff that was of different brite courlers with no name, could have been mushroomed based. So you can think what state I was in, dancing, drunken yoga any general other west behavior. On bus to Olympus next, after 3 hours sleep!Got to Olympus, sharing a tree house with 5 other people in an orchard by the beach On the cheap 11:00 at night got up a mountain, to see the flames that never go out, l it my fag from them!Off the smegging mountain ( mount Olympus) something to do with olympic touch! Drugging up on pain killers and antienflamatry pills Me n Me bad foot were like lorral and hardey on e’s!
Yes I’m living in a smegging tree house like Off starwars with a bad foot, smeg…Do I look like an eawok?…No! I have no hair! Limping up mountain to light my fag from some holy flame! So time to move on, climbing up and down to my tree house to go to the toilet that is used by half of Olympus, smeg and the head’s!
Next in a city, antalya where I’m sharing a room with 3 girls, so that night we and a few others from the cheapest hostel in town, bed bugs fleas ect ( need to get drunk to sleep ) all of us doing it on the cheap! We got offered a night boat ride for. £1.20…..why not, so went to shop got some cheep beer. After a few cans of super strong beer my foot felt a little better, as we partied and danced I showed off with some breakdancing, bad move woke in pain with foot back to bad! So can’t walk may as well be on a bus! Why the smeg not!

Me and my bad foot are on way to konya a holy city at Ramadan! Oh dear no food, smoking, any drinking. Have to cover up! That means no thong today! If they catch me doing any of the above I’m in trouble! Life very long when your lonely…..should have gone to rhyl beach.
Got off bus to a strange place, restaurants empty, no 1 smoking, drinking, so Off I hobbled to the pilgrimage of the whirling dervish, men who spin round and stuff, bit of a waste as I didn’t see any. Couldn’t do a Spin but got the photo. So I’m back on another smegging bus to cappadocia! Oh what a great place to get to……

Well would you believe it, I get stuck at bus stop in the middle of smegging knownwhere. ” no bus sirrrrrrr Ramadan On, bus running” so have to get a smegging taxi £20, then 10:00pm trying to find room, like trying to find a sober haters road girl On a Saturday night “ok sir only 1 night all beds booked” so I wake up get kicked out of hotel like a hobo0. Now staying in a cave with some 4 Japanese! I’m in Goreme lots of little caves everywhere all look the smegging same to me. All got same paintings inside. If someone opened a b&q here back in the day when caves were in they would clear up! Oh it’s smegging hot, hotter than a oven inside an other oven with a big coat On, on a bonfire, in a desert at midday at hottest time of year!

So leaving the cave, like the ones off star wars, beets trying to talk Jap, stoned On painkillers and antinflamaty pills off to explore. Oh the choices, village caves, city of caves, church caves, underground caves, castle of caves……ect and much more, i’ve had enough of caves. I know some people are into caves and buy what cave monthly and say to other cave people” have you seen. The Next week what cave mag” ….no, no I haven’t why…..” there’s a pull out pin up of a cave near me!!!”….. Oh oh oh get me some tishu’s quick!
If your into caves this is the place for you, I’m sick of them!

To be continued………


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