In a galaxy, far, far, away…..

So I decided, to go on a tour after getting ripped off, on smegging bus n taxi! So got a tour cheap, first stop lunch. Smegging hell it was going to a soup kitchen n letting the tramps cook n serv. Cheap, well the food was included! So we are all standing In this dirty place, there were some posh folk there, looked about as pleased as a Hattern road girl with a council tax bill. So there was this soup, looked bad from the start,  an off white with Brown bits in it,  made from yogart n stuff. If that wasn’t enough to put u off, a scruffy old man started, putting on his pants behind the counter. Smegging smeg alot of people walked out! There was a fat dog sitting in the restaurant licking it’s self underneath! I know why to take away the taste of the soup. It is hard to describe how bad the soup was, however everything tastes better since. Next off to some mountain to see heads on it. 2:00 in the smegging morning, are you having a laff! No sir you must come now! Oh the joy 2:00 in some van drove like it was stolen, with the radio bleating out the Turkish equivalent of max biegraves! You know was it would have been more comfortable to get throw out of a moving car whilst being eaten by a lion whearing odd shoes a coat 2 sizes small whilst having an asma atack! Oh how could it get worse…..


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